A perfect storm


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I really didn’t want to write this post , because I don’t want it to seem as though I am succumbing to the things of this world, dwelling in unbelief or not speaking life, but for the sake of transparency, authenticity and giving glory to the audacious God I serve…here goes…

Like so many of us, if we’re not careful, we can really begin to feel unsettled and unsure about the future. We know why this is of course friends, the world is in a shambles, wars and rumours of wars, pestilences, diseases, spiritual wickedness in high places, the list is endless. As we know, there is NOTHING new under the sun and so to top it all off, prices of everything it seems, are rising exponentially too. Salaries are not keeping up with these ever escalating costs and herein lies the ingredients for a perfect storm. When I look at my own situation my outgoings are certainly beginning to show strong signs of potentially overtaking my incomings.

Now when I look at the scenario with my natural eye, fear begins to take hold of my heart as I analyse the distant and not so distant future. Will I have enough to adequately provide for my children’s needs, as well as my own? Will I still be able to give to the church? What about all these wedding plans Lord? How can what I’ve been praying for be done, when the resources by which to do them has and is rapidly dwindling before my very eyes?

When it comes to finances, I am a planner. I like to budget and think ahead. Being this way inclined in this current season however, leaves me feeling harassed about the future….BUT GOD!! His still, small, comforting voice tells me not to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34)

Sheesh….Matthew 6:25-34 in its entirety is complete elixir for the soul at this time friends. I urge you to read it. His peace will envelop you like a soothing balm. Glory!

The Lord whispers to my burdened soul that His grace is sufficient, that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. That I should cast my cares upon Him because He cares for me. I am to be anxious for nothing and pray about everything so His peace that surpasses all understanding will guard my heart and mind. HALLELUJAH KING JESUS 🔥🔥🔥Bless Your beautiful and most wonderful name FOREVER 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

I called this post a perfect storm, because when I think of this current season, that’s precisely what it feels like. The issues of life swirling all around, threatening to knock me off balance and overwhelm my soul. But I’ve been here before and my sweet Saviour reminds me of His power to overcome any storm. He has brought me through time and time again and He will continue to do so because HE NEVER CHANGES! Can I get an AMEN somebody 🔥🔥🔥

In Matthew 8:23-27 we read about Jesus and His disciples taking a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. Whilst crossing, Jesus falls asleep in the ship’s stern. Out of nowhere a ferocious tempest whips the boat into a frenzy, causing the disciples, many of whom were experienced sailors and fisherman, to fear for their lives. The terrified twelve woke up our perfect Saviour, panicked and afraid. ‘Lord save us, we are going to drown!’ Jesus calmly awakes and said to His disciples ‘You of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ He then rebukes the storm by declaring ‘Peace be still’ and the storm immediately ceases. The disciples marvel at Yeshua’s power ‘What kind of man is this? Even the winds and waves obey Him.’

WOW LORD!!!! I apply this directly to my life and I choose to remain focused wholeheartedly on You, The Rock of ages who never changes and not the ever shifting storms of this world. Your word WORKS. You have proved this to me so many times in my life. You are my refuge and my strength, my Hiding Place and my Shield, my ever present help in times of trouble. You shall supply ALL of my needs according to Your riches in glory. I shall forever seek You first, put You first, I will continue to give to Your Kingdom and never stop. I believe Your word. I am forever enthralled by You Father. I love You. Bless Your Holy name forever.

And bless you too friends. Remain encouraged in The Father. It is well because of who He is.


Godly counsel


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My boyfriend and I (really didn’t want to refer to him as such because he is far from a boy and we are fully grown adults, but we’ll go with it🙃…), have embarked upon pre-marital counselling with our pastor. Our second session is tomorrow. This is something we deem incredibly important for our relationship, especially as we inch ever closer towards marriage. It is important to us because we want everything we do to be built upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Nothing else makes sense to us. We invite our Heavenly Father into every aspect of our union. Nothing is left out of bounds to Him. Nothing. We are surrendering all we are to Abba Father because we know we can not make a success of this relationship without Him and His Spirit. We want Him to bestow every ounce of wisdom, understanding and insight upon us, so our marriage will be a beacon of light for His kingdom. The victory truly is His and His alone. Hallelujah!

As you know friends, I like to keep it very real on this blog and so I must share that our sexual desire for one another continues to be one of our biggest struggles. God in all of His wisdom knew this relationship had to be long distance in order for us to be victorious in this area, but we continue to pray for more strength to honour Him. We know sex outside of marriage is not God’s plan for any of us and we are most definitely continuing to save ourselves for His appointed time, but it has become increasingly frustrating as our love for one another deepens. The physical distance between us also means we are only getting to see each other once, maybe twice a month. We of course speak on the phone constantly, but when we do see one another, we find it challenging to put a lid on the love and affection we yearn to express to each other. Sigh.

What makes it harder still, is there is yet to be an end in sight to our celibacy journey, as we have not yet confirmed a date and venue for our nuptials, so the wait seems endless, which makes waiting sometimes seem impossible, but we know our labour is not in vain. The Lord has kept me for over 10 years already and He will continue to keep my love and I. His power is made perfect in our weakness, therefore we continue to press forward and believe that His timing is PERFECT.

It truly is an exciting and miraculous season when I sit and think about what the Lord is doing. We will be viewing a potential wedding venue in a few days and our pre-marital counselling is well under way so God is indeed working things out for us. Bless Your name forever Lord. Your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Suffer little children…


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I had a profound teaching moment earlier today. Whilst having lunch, my son told me that whilst he was playing FIFA 22 on his PlayStation with his friends, he had prayed to God to bless him with a good team. Like a lot of nearly 11 year old boys, he loves gaming and so this prayer was important to him. The Lord answered his prayer he told me, because his team was brilliant. He continued and told me that he’d prayed for his friend to have a good team too and the Lord answered that prayer for his friend as-well. I smiled and told him, ‘See? Jesus even answers little nonsense payers like that.’ Immediately Holy Spirit chastised me. How dare I refer to my son’s earnest prayer as nonsense. I hung my head in shame and quickly repented. I apologised to by boy straightaway. Just because FIFA 22 is insignificant to me, doesn’t mean it is insignificant to my son. In fact, for him and many 10 year old’s like him, this is most likely one of the most significant concerns he has in life right now. The revelation that came next, blew my mind and reminded me of the amazingness of God. He is so faithful, kind and so true. So merciful, loving and all encompassing, that He will meet us right where we’re at, just so we can experience His eternal goodness.

My God knows my son and the very fabric of who he is. He knows the things that excite and captivate my boy, even if those things mean very little to me. That’s the beauty of God. Whatever concerns us, no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem to others, if they’re important to us, then they are important to God and He will move heaven and earth to help us in our unbelief and show us that He hears and He cares.

My son is very much in a questioning season. Not sure if God is truly real or what to believe. Through my own relationship with Jesus, I share with my son what God has done in my life and how He has helped me to care and look after him and his sisters. I share how God listens to my prayers and how He always makes a way for us. He sees me praying, worshipping and celebrating my God everyday and so he knows he can ask and receive for himself and yesterday this is precisely what he did. Hallelujah . God truly does care about all that concerns us. As I see the shoots of the seeds I have sewn in faith begin to come forth in my children’s life, I continue to stand in complete awe of my God. Thank You Father.

Another year….


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My second born child is 13 whole years today. THIRTEEN. WHOLE. YEARS. Lord where has the time gone?

This beautiful child of mine is so funny, so intelligent, so mature, so meticulous, especially when her heart is set on something. Parenting can be so hard, but as the years progress and you see your children blossom and flourish, all the challenges begin to make sense.

Thank You Jesus for my precious blessings. Thank You for helping me to raise them, to provide for them, to love them. You are wonderful.

Fainting not…


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I was having a conversation with my beau this morning and we were discussing the importance of doing the right thing even when we don’t want to. It’s so refreshing to be able to speak openly about difficult subjects within a relationship. We feel really blessed to be able to understand and respect each other’s viewpoints. Most importantly we are in complete awe of how the spirit of God brings us into ONE ACCORD! Sheessh! Neither of us has ever experienced anything like this before and so we GIVE THANKS! Thank You Jesus. As I’ve said so many times before, and I’m about to say it again, for the people way in the back… a long distance relationship isn’t easy and there are countless opportunities for us to get discouraged, disillusioned and tired, but God keeps showing up and encouraging us to do what’s right, both individually and as a couple.

Take this trivial example for instance. I’m a texter and my beau is a talker. As our relationship has developed, we have noticed patterns in our communication styles, which would sometimes leave a bad taste in our mouths. Nothing serious, but enough to get us pondering on how best to resolve the issue. There were times I felt I was texting lots and not getting the same back and he felt he was phoning me lots and this was not being reciprocated. So minor, but if left unchecked can become a major. Isn’t that how the enemy sews most discord within relationships? Via seemingly insignificant incidences, which start off small, then before you know it, they’ve mushroomed into the ugliest of ugly problems…We both admitted we had had thoughts on whether to even bother getting in touch with each other at times, because our individual communication styles were not being adequately met in the way we desired, so we were left feeling neglected or unheard. BUT GOD! We both recognise the work that needs to be done in order for the other to feel seen and cherished and so we are intentional about making the necessary adjustments, however whilst the adjustments are being made and progress is being realised, mishaps can still happen. We are only human after all.

My beau put it so beautifully, when he told me that he almost didn’t call me this morning, as once again, it was him calling me and me not calling him (like I said, adjustments take time y’all), but he refused to get sucked in by negative emotions and instead of doing what his flesh was urging him to do, which was leaving me to my own devices, whilst he was left to get on with his, he chose the way of the Father and called me anyway. His honesty was and is refreshing and shines a bright light on the enemies wicked ploys. His transparency paved the way for me to be transparent too, as I’ve often felt precisely the way he described. As though I was the one forever reaching out. Thankfully like my love, I have pushed past feelings of dissatisfaction and continued to pursue righteousness and maintain our connection through regular communication. Friends, can you see how the enemy can drive a wedge between people if we’re not careful? Where we can begin thinking of ourselves and our own unmet needs instead of what the other person may be going through. Where it becomes all about self satisfaction and less about serving one another and glorifying God?

My beau spoke my sentiments exactly when he said that we can not be governed by our ever changing feelings, but we must stand firmly on the word of God. When our flesh wants to rise up and sulk over perceived wrong doings, give the silent treatment, become distant or give up, we must push past these ever changing emotions and do the complete opposite of what our flesh wants us to do, even when it feels uncomfortable, even when it feels as though we are losing face or being a walk over. Truth be known none of these things are true. We can NEVER lose face when we obey GOD. We can NEVER be a walk over if we are following The Spirit’s leading. When we counter frustration or hurt with love, when we open up instead of closing off, this gives our Heavenly Father room to move. When as a couple you are individually AND jointly committed to pursuing peace, love and unity through Jesus Christ, the enemy can do nothing but FLEE! Hallelujah Lord!

Friends, if my man of God had listened to his feelings and not contacted me this morning, our fruitful conversation would not have been had and this blog post would not have been written. There is always something God is trying to show us when we would just stop and listen to His still small voice. When we trust Him at His word and obey. There is new found depth to our relationship which would have been missed if worldly desires were allowed to take centre stage. Do you know what’s even more profound? We both are always thankful when we push past our flesh and reach out to one another. Our subsequent conversations are filled with God’s grace and further display His wonderful hand at work within our union. God is always ready to do something miraculous on the other side of your obedience beloveds.

We must never grow weary of doing GOOD, of pursuing the Father’s will, because we will surely reap a harvest if we faint not. I’m truly encouraged by what the Lord continues to do. May you be encouraged too.

Parenting through the years…


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I thought I’d take a break from talking about my love life and switch focus to the world of parenting and raising rapidly growing children single handedly. Balance is key right? Warning, as always I’m being very honest about my experience. So much so, that when I read back over what I’ve written, it looks as though parenting has taken its toll on me and my relationship is breathing new life into me, and I guess to some extent this is true. I’ve been a single parent for almost 10 years and the road has and continues to be very challenging at times, but I love my children with a fierce and unending love and with God’s continued love, grace and mercy He will continue to bless me with every fruit of the spirit I require, in order to provide the children He has blessed me with, with every good thing they need. For His glory! Praises!

Where to start? When I began writing this blog way back in 2014, my children were 7, 5 and 3. Fast forward 8 years and now they are 14 and a half, nearly 13 and nearly 11. My babies are not babies and it shows. They have grown sooo much. Clothes I no longer wear, I can hand down to my daughters. My son is not too far behind. Thank God we live in a good sized house because their statures are bewildering when they’re all together. When they were little, they were like little dots taking up the smallest amount of space…now we almost stand shoulder to shoulder…How. Did. This. Happen Lord?

The most challenging part about raising children single-handedly, is the absence of day-to-day, hour-by-hour, physical support. It’s me doing everything, all the time. Getting them up for school, repeatedly checking they are doing what they are meant to be doing in order to be ready on time, whilst trying to get myself ready and do the various things around the house that need to be done before we leave. As my children get older, hormones are setting in. On a school night, they love to stay up, when I tell them to turn everything off and get to bed. They love to continue to sleep, when I’m repeatedly urging them to get up and get dressed on school mornings, attitudes are rearing up, wilful defiance is making a frequent appearance. It’s not always a bed of roses. Three individuals, with three individual personalities, three individual wants, needs, outlooks and only one of me. Often it feels as though I don’t have enough left of what they need. Time and energy. After a long and often arduous day at work, I come home and have to embark upon more work. After school clubs, travelling home, cooking dinner, clearing up, laundry, reminders for homework to be done, whilst all of us are trying to unwind a little before bedtime and tomorrow comes. All of this is compounded by the fact that I am a teacher by profession. Which in itself is extremely demanding in more ways than I care to explain. I spend all day, every day, pouring out to the children in my class, so when it comes to my own children I am pretty close to depleted with virtually nothing left to give to myself or my children. It grieves me to write this and so I’m praying for the Lord to truly strengthen and reinvigorate me in this area, so my children are receiving the best of me. Which is what they deserve. I have found that I have addressed this area, by no longer taking work home in any form. AT.ALL. No checking work emails at home. AT.ALL. I’m very focused on creating boundaries between work and home, so that I am present for my children when I’m not physically at work. This has been a game changer. I’m also working harder to create opportunities for us to do more things together, such as going swimming, going for walks, shopping sprees (as finances allow), tennis/football in the park with my son, as my girls aren’t overly interested, spending one on one time cooking together, going shopping, having chats….

I’m finding one on one time together is sometimes easier to organise. As my children have gotten older, trying to get us to do things collectively as a family, is often a battle. They each have their different passions and interests, which is of course to be expected. The girls are into all things social media, my son, although passionate about football and sports, also loves to game and his love of social media has increased too. Truth be known, I’ve confiscated their devices repeatedly, because the levels of addiction are all too real. The technologically obsessed day and age we live in obviously doesn’t help either. It was and is often a battle to get them to help with chores around the house, keep their rooms tidy. The attitudes given when they are asked to do something or plain refusal to do what has been asked has got way too much at times, so confiscating items until what needs to be done has been done has helped with this. Hallelujah Lord!

As you can see parenting is a juggling act. BUT GOD. There have been many times I’ve wondered how I’m going to get from point A to point B, but God in all His wisdom, glory and faithfulness continuously makes a way where their seems to be no way. I look at the three precious souls my Lord and Saviour has blessed me with and how far we’ve come and I praise His name. I have three beautiful, intelligent, healthy children who the Lord has and is using to mould and shape me into a better person. Although the road has been very painful and challenging at times, I continue to look to my Heavenly Father who provides for mine and my children’s needs. I thank God for my parents and siblings who are my support system as I journey through the changing landscape of parenthood. God is so good too because one of my oldest friends relates to almost every parenting season I find myself in, so that always reassures me that what I’m experiencing is not unique or disastrous, but par for the course and that I’m not doing too badly at all in the grand scheme of things. Thank You Lord.



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Hello beautiful people. It’s been a while. I’m really hoping this is the last time I use that term on this blog. The Lord is heavily impressing upon me the need to share the truly miraculous power He is manifesting in my life. He is the God of miracles, the God of more than enough, the God of peace, of wholeness of exceedingly and abundantly. I’m so excited by my God. He will not allow me to contain what He is doing within my life and so I will obey and pour out for His eternal glory. PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME FOREVER!!!

Sooo…you may be wondering what the title of this particular entry pertains to. I won’t keep you in suspense. It’s an acronym for the words ‘Long Distance Love’ – yep! Wanted to create a bit of drama…lol. How do you think I did? I’m smiling broadly as I write because I’m enthralled by what the Lord is downloading into my spirit. For many months I’ve felt in limbo with the direction my life is going in. I’ve felt I’ve not had much more to say or write on this blog, but I’m sensing the Lord shifting and shaking me! Hallelujah!

Let’s get into it then. This long distance love thing. It’s not for the faint hearted, let me tell you, BUT GOD. As you all know I am in a godly courtship. If you don’t know, you can get up to speed via my previous posts. In case you were wondering, hence the title of this post, our relationship is long distance. We live about a 2 hour drive away from each other, which in and of itself is not too big of a deal, but when you throw into the mix 5 children between us, busy careers, running households and everything else that goes on in between, things can get sticky…really quickly. So I’m sharing a few things I believe have helped us to navigate this beautiful, yet sometimes challenging season we find ourselves in.


This is SO important. Communication has not always been my strong point. Not in terms of not having things to say, because believe me I’ve said plenty in the past. But with Jesus at the centre of this relationship and the Holy Spirit guiding and framing my thoughts, I have found that I’ve improved so much in this area. My words are seasoned with salt because now I spend more time listening to what is being said, in a bid to understand the heart behind the words that are being spoken, instead of jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, or being offended. I now find myself asking more questions to glean more insight into why my partner may think or behave in a certain way. What has happened in his past? What has triggered a particular thought or action? God has truly helped me in this area. When I ask Him for wisdom and understanding with regards to His son, He is gracious to reveal things to me which bring peace and understanding instead of frustration and disappointment. Holy Spirit You are wonderful. What makes this even more special is that my partner recognises these qualities within me. He always comments on my ability to listen and understand and I give GOD the glory as it is His spirit at work within me. Hallelujah!

Friends, always consult the Father with reference to your significant other, especially when feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration arise. He knows the very essence of your partner, they are His creation. You’ll be amazed at what He will show you, if you just ask in prayer.


Being long distance can wreak havoc when trying to build intimacy. We have found that being intentional about speaking regularly and organising frequent dates, regardless of our often busy and complex schedules, has gone a long way towards making us feel secure within our courtship. If you’re anything like me, a relationship means doing life with someone. You see them on a daily/very regular basis, (quality time is definitely my love language), you do mundane, as well as exciting things together and because you spend so much time in one another’s company, an inevitable bank of personal jokes and memories are forged which only the two of you are privy to. I love all that, so being intentional goes a long way in countering the physical distance by bridging the gap through emotional intimacy, which goes back to communicating. Regularly. Be it talking on the phone, texting, emailing, sending letters. Letting them know that you are thinking about them. That you care about them. That you are there for them, despite the physical distance.


This links into my previous point of being intentional. When you make plans, do your best to follow through on them. This shows you are serious about the time you spend with eachother. My partner and I are committed to making plans and sticking to them. We know that the moments we spend together in this season are not as frequent as we’d like, which makes our dates all the more precious, so we do everything we can to protect that time. Of course, because we are parents, things do and have cropped up, which has meant meet ups have had to change or be cancelled, sometimes at very short notice. However, because our individual situations are so very similar, we have a supernatural grace for each other. Our past experiences and our subsequent current circumstances have blessed us with an extra layer of understanding towards one another when things don’t go as planned. Who but the Lord could do such a thing? Creating beauty from brokenness. Thank You Father.


Not seeing the face of the one you love, or being in their presence as often as you’d like, can get down right hard at times. Yes there’s face time, but I’m not really a fan. I find it so awkward…. *sigh* Encouraging each other and being supportive of one another is so important. Sometimes the distance and the inability to see your partner as frequently as you’d like, for whatever reason, can start you questioning if you’re even in a relationship at times if you’re not careful, so it’s really important to remain positive, keep pressing into JESUS and keep reminding each other how far you’ve come. Gratitude also goes a long way. My partner and I often find ourselves marvelling at how blessed we are to have found each other. Friends, lest you forget we met at the height of the pandemic. God brought together two complete strangers, who He knew were on similar trajectories, whose pasts were so similar, who although very different, were somehow so intrinsically the same in so many ways. Please don’t tell me my God can’t do IMPOSSIBLE things! WOW LORD!


This is very important. Prayer must form the bedrock of your relationship. Jesus HAS TO BE IN THE CENTRE. This is something we are continuing to build upon more and more. It is VERY necessary, let me explain why. When you are in a long distance relationship, there is a tendency for emotions to run sky high when you see each other, if you get my meaning *blushes*. So it is important to set clear boundaries and ask Holy Spirit for His help to empower you to honour those parameters. We are a Christian couple. Sex before marriage is not God’s best for our lives. We know this. We understand this. Yet still it is hard. We’ve both experienced first hand the devastation and brokenness sex outside of marriage brings. Our beautiful children are a constant reminder of why the Christian covenant of marriage is so important for the rearing of the next generation and the expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. Do not misunderstand me, our children are an absolute blessing and we would not be without them, after Jesus, they have been the making of us. However, speaking for myself and not for my partner, although I’m certain his sentiments are the same, it grieves my soul when I think about my spiritual blindness and how this led me to make decisions which have negatively impacted my children. Sex outside of marriage left all of us uncovered in more ways than one. Nevertheless, we know we are made right through Jesus Christ, who redeems and restores when we repent of our wrong doing, turn away from a life of sin and turn towards Him and His righteousness. It doesn’t make the walk any easier however and so we pray. Pray for protection for love not to be awoken before it’s time. For desires to be dampened until the bridegroom receives his bride. In all honesty, it is a struggle, I’m sure you’ve gathered this by now, based upon the number of times I’ve used the words ‘struggle’ or ‘really hard’ in this paragraph alone *eek*. Nonetheless we continue to STAND and TRUST JESUS. That He will make a way just like He always does. There is a purpose for all seasons. Rejoice and be glad.

I hope my musings are of help to couples who are courting or singles about to embark on this season. My prayer is that you will continuously look to Jesus. The author and finisher of our faith. He is faithful.

A year of blessings…


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2021…what a year. The Lord truly has continued to be ever so good to me and my precious little family. From bringing me through my knee surgery to covering my daughter and I as we overcame the ‘rona…I will forever stand in absolute awe of my God. He is The Healer, The Great Physician, The Protector, The Way Maker….there is none like Him in all the Earth… I will never stop praising and worshipping my God. He is so worthy of all the honour, the glory and adoration. I LOVE HIM. He makes a way where there seems to be no way, He defends, He fights, He CARES…so as 2022 edges ever closer to its beginning, I stand firmly upon the promises of God. His plans for my life are good and I will choose to believe the BEST, despite how I may feel at times.

Lord thank You for Your endless faithfulness towards me. Continue to show me the way I should go, help me to stay firmly plugged into You Jesus, especially as my godly relationship continues to flourish under Your watchful eye. Just to give you a recap friends; In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, The Lord saw fit to orchestrate the pairing of two souls who thirst for Him. 2021, saw the deepening and blossoming of that pairing. 2022 is upon us and an imminent marriage beckons. Who but You Lord? As my love and I embark upon this season towards Your ordained covenant, lead us in the way that only You and Your Spirit want us to go Father. We want Your name to be glorified forever. Hallelujah!

Lord hear my heart’s cry. I want what You want for my life. Nothing else will do. Continue to lead me besides the still waters, continue to restore my soul. Thank You Jesus. Bless Your holy name forever.

And there we have it friends, just like that…another year passes and a new journey begins. Happy New Year 2022 beloveds. It is going to be EPIC. May the Lord bless and keep You all in His perfect peace. ❤️

Make room for Him


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Friends, it has been a while. Life has been full on, but in all things we give thanks. Amen?!! The Lord has continued to show His absolute faithfulness towards me and my family. His concern towards every trial and challenge I face is breathtaking. I am forever in awe of who He is and of what He can do. He is truly the God of miracles.

Lately, I was finding that I had been crowding God out of my life…spending too much time on social media, or indulging in brain training exercises such as word puzzles. Explaining the vast amounts of time I was spending on these things as my way of relaxing. Truth be known, that was a lie. It was a distraction. The power of God in my life was being nullified because I was not giving Him room to speak to me, to guide me, to minster to me. Don’t get me wrong, I was still reading my Bible daily, praying, worshipping….all of those things, but I was not taking my devotion to the next level. I was not drinking lavishly from His fountain of truth and life. I was looking to other things to fulfil me, where only JESUS can. I will not condemn myself for this blip, because there is no glory in that. What I have chosen to do is to do things differently. This was a powerful word given by my pastor’s wife last week. The Lord really used her to shake me out of my rut. And so for the past week I have turned away from social media and puzzles and towards The One who loves my soul. The impact has been mind blowing. The Lord has been filling me up with His peace and His truth in the face of ongoing spiritual attacks. His word has been a soothing balm for my heart and mind. I am hearing more clearly from Him, because my mind has been decluttered of the things of this world. His strength has completely been perfected in my weakness and I give Him all the praise. Hallelujah!! I have an unexplainable JOY in my spirit, that can only come from Him. I have been re-awakened.

And yet more excitement ensues….As you all know, the Lord saw fit to unite me with a wonderful man of God who is as on fire for Jesus as I am. The Lord is truly perfecting all that concerns us both and 2022 promises to be a year of more love, more growth and holy matrimony. Who BUT GOD!!??

Make room for Jesus beloveds. Joy and peace unspeakable flows like rivers of living water when you do. Glory to His name forevermore. Thank You Jesus.

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

Colossians 3:2 KJV

On Christ the solid rock I stand


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It has been a while friends. Life has been extremely busy and it has been hard to find the time to sit and write. Until today.

Thank You Lord.

I will never stop praising and thanking my Saviour, He is my EVERYTHING, in the midst of the craziness that is going on in this lost world. He is my Defence, my Steadfastness, my Strong Tower. I will forever be in awe of who God is. He is so faithful and true. He is my portion forever.

Life can becoming so wearisome, but Thank You Jesus for consistently renewing my strength through Your word, through praying to You, through Worshipping You, through abiding in You. I love You more deeply each day. I can’t get enough of You. Hallelujah!!!

Friends, it is so good to know and love The Lord. He brings peace in the midst of chaos and pain, understanding where division threatens. There is NONE like Him. Turn to Him. He is waiting faithfully and patiently.

“Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?”

Romans 2:4 NLT