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My son is SEVEN. My. Youngest. Child. Is. SEVEN. *shakes head in disbelief*

Seven whole years have passed since I gave birth to this sweet, handsome, little boy. Over the years he has grown into such an intelligent and inquisitive individual. He loves playing football and taking part in athletics, he loves to read and recite his time tables, (when reminded of their equal importance to sport…lol) He is such a joy.

Thank You Jesus for my young prince. He is such a blessing to my life, just like my precious daughters. Thank You God for choosing me to mother them. Thank You for giving me a heart that yearns for You, so that I am able to show them what loving You looks like, no matter how imperfect. Thank You Lord, a million times thank You!!

Happy Birthday sweet Elijah!! My little prophet! I love you, but Jesus loves you more!!