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Sorry to begin this post with a cliché, but this year has flooooown by….. 

As I get older the years seem to merge into a blur, but praise be to King Jesus who continues to mould me into His image for His name’s sake. He has taught me so much this year…

1. Hard work, although painful and challenging pays off. 2017 was the year I completed my teacher training and became a qualified teacher. It has not been an easy road and even as I navigate through the early stages of my teaching career I am still often struck at how intense it is and how much is expected of teachers. BUT GOD! Through Him and with Him by my side I am able to take one day at a time because His mercies really are new every morning.

2. I’m way stronger and braver than I think I am. I took my three children to Barbados. On my own. Who but GOD? Enough said.

3. Other people are not always the problem. Most of the time it’s me and the way I’m viewing an issue. Again this is another very hard lesson, but this is about spiritual growth. I was finding I was getting irritated by other people’s actions and attitudes and it was really robbing me of my peace. Then God said, I am no better than those who are annoying me, in fact I am worse because I’m supposed to have Christ within me and allow His spirit to work through me so I am able to stay focused on Him in my times of intense irritation towards others. I should be praying for those people who irk me to be touched by a revelation of God or ask God to reveal the lesson He is trying to teach me. I should be praying for God to work on my character so He can use me to be a light to those He has placed in my sphere of influence…..
…..which follows nicely onto my next learned lesson….

4. I am always being watched. Especially by my children. Do my actions glorify Christ?

5. I always want to blend into the background and go unnoticed, when God has placed gifts and talents within me that must be shared. Being accepted into my church worship team has provided a first step in this direction and I’m certain in 2018 God is going to provide me with many more opportunities to make His name great.
Thank You Jesus!